MIS COMPANY | Services


  1. Making all form of reports on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis according to your request to give you a detailed insight into the business.

  2. We download all data from the previous accounting period, determine their validity and all disputed taken accounting records in compliance with legal regulations

  3. We provide bookkeeping services

  4. Preparation of final accounts: balance sheet, income statement and delivery of SBRA, and related tax returns to be submitted to the TA (tax returns relating to determination of income tax, annual tax depreciation ...)

  5. We provide electronic payment services, especially on the client

  6. We are able to work out the monthly reports on customers and suppliers, incomes and expenditures by organizational units or prof.centers, daily reports on the assets and liabilities, we make the necessary balances and documents for the bank in obtaining loans and other reports that you need for a successful business.

  7. Preparation and submission of all forms of acceptance and termination of employees

  8. Business analysis of the balance and the calculation results on the client

  9. Investment and financial consulting